LeadingAge members are adapting to a changing world with new generations of leaders and governance philosophies emphasizing engaged, creative boards. Here you will find resources to help empower your organization's board of directors.

Guide for Board Members of Charitable Organizations This guide is provided by the MA Attorney General’s Office to help board members of non-profit charitable organizations understand the most important things a board member can do in order to best serve his or her organization in key areas of stewardship.  

Writing and Reviewing 3 Core Documents

Do you regularly keep your vision, mission and values in front of your board?  This article will explain why and how you should. 


Vision and Values: the Organization's "Big Picture"

Does your vision statement inspire your constituents?  Have you collaboratively settled on your organizational values? Both are guiding stars of any not-for-profit organization.

Conducting Effective Board Meetings Are your board meetings boring? Check out our list of strategies to help liven up your meetings.  
Dealing with Board Dysfunction

Because boards are made up of human beings, there will be inevitable bumps along the road to collaboration. We’ve compiled a list of 5 potential solutions to board dysfunction.

Evaluating the Board's Effectiveness

The performance and evaluation of a not-for-profit board of directors should be conducted periodically. Learn why and what contributes to an effective assessment process.

Stragetic Planning Tools

Strategic Planning Tools section goes here. This is the link to the Conducting Strategic Planning document. This is the link to the Scenario Strategic Planning document. provides resources and hosts events to help organizations build effective non-profit boards. Here is a list of resources specific to the non-profit health services industry.

Leading Age Governance Resources

Our national partner offers a wealth of resources for your organization’s Board of Directors.

Educational Opportunities for Board Members

LeadingAge Massachusetts offers a number of educational programs during the year that are of interest to boards of director. Check here often for upcoming programs of interest.

Additional Articles of Interest  
Recommended Books on Governance

Driven By Purpose: Charities That Make the Difference written by S. Judd, A. Robinson and F. Errington

LeadingAge MA Guiding Governance Newsletter

Each quarter LeadingAge MA publishes this newsletter to focus on a specific governance topic to help you, your leadership team and your board in planning, strategic thinking and execution as you seek to sustain and amplify your mission. Click here to access the archive (member log-in required).