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Starting your search...

Searching for housing and service options in later life can be a daunting task.  This website is intended to assist in the process by explaining the various types of services that make up the long term care continuum, identifying questions to consider when selecting care, listing resources for further information, and allowing you to search for options by city/town and by type of care setting. 

One important question to ask in searching for housing and services is whether the organization is not-for-profit.  Knowing the answer will yield a great deal of information.

Why Not-for-Profit?
First, it tells you that the organization's primary purpose is to meet a community need.  Any margins or profits generated are redirected to enhance the services provided, not to enrich shareholders.  Further, it tells you that the organization is governed by a volunteer board whose interest is to serve the community.  Many have roots extending back generations and were established by religious, ethnic, government and fraternal organizations.  Not-for-profits continue to fill gaps between personal needs and public response.  Most are innovators in service organization and delivery.

Second, not-for-profits put quality first.  Even though most services for the elderly must comply with relevant laws and regulations, not-for-profit providers go beyond what is required.  This is evident in how resources are allocated, such as increased staffing and higher wages for direct care staff.  Quality is paramount in not-for-profit organizations, and it is reflected in countless ways from emphasizing individual attention, to creating community and belonging, to encouraging activity and independence as ability permits.

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