Technology Resources

CAST(Center for Aging Services Technology)

The LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) is leading the charge to expedite the development, evaluation and adoption of emerging technologies that can improve the aging experience. CAST has become an international coalition of more than 400 technology companies, aging services organizations, research universities, and government representatives.

LeadingAge CAST is pleased to announce the official release of the CAST EHR portfolio, which contains 2 important tools designed to help long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations identify electronic health records (EHR). The EHR Online Selection Tool allows users to select the requirements they need from a set of nine major categories of functionalities to see which products meet those requirements. The tool features a counter to help see how the selected requirements affect the number of products that meet the requirements and includes links to the products' websites. EHR for LTPAC: A Primer on Planning and Vendor Selection is an accompanying whitepaper that outlines detailed steps around planning, assessing and selecting an EHR system and defines the major components that EHR products offer. The selection matrix examined over 150 major EHR functionalities in 22 LTPAC EHR products.

Health Information Exchange(Mass eHealth Collaborative) Mass eHealth is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve health care delivery by promoting and enabling meaningful adoption of health information technology for the benefit of patients and caregivers alike. They do this by providing thought leadership, strategic advice, operational planning and management, and health information technology implementation services to a variety of stakeholders and customers ranging from individual physician practices to large health care delivery organizations, health plans, commercial vendors, health information exchange organizations, foundations, and the Federal and State governments.  Mass eHealth