Serious Illness Task Force

LeadingAge Massachusetts has committed to helping the Massachusetts Coalition For Serious Illness Care reach its goal with our pledge to:

• Reach out to 100% of LeadingAge MA members to discuss and share how they can participate in this initiative
• Elicit and share promising practices around person-centered health care planning
• Ask each member to take at least one step in the coming year in support of the Coalition’s goal. We are very excited to be inviting our entire membership to advance the important work of the statewide coalition.

Below are resources to help you and your organization

MA Coalition for Serious Illness Care

The Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illinois Care’s mission is “to ensure that everyone in Massachusetts receives the health care that honors their goals, values and preferences.”  Over Sixty Massachusetts-based organizations have come together to form this Coalition.

Honoring Choices

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a consumer focused, nonprofit organization which informs, empowers and helps adults make a health care plan and connect to quality care that honors their choices, all through their lives.

LeadingAge MA is a community partner with Honoring Choices MA

Department of Public Health

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has produced a guide in for patients with serious advancing illness.  This guide outlines the types of choices that Patients have when they’re going through treatment for a serious life limiting illness. This page also have more information on the MOLST.

Click here for more information including multilingual resources

Conversation Project

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.Together we can make these difficult conversations easier. We can make sure that our own wishes and those of our loved ones are expressed and respected.

Hospice & Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts



Hospice & Palliative Care Federation in Massachusetts is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting excellence in end-of-life care. “To advance and promote excellence in end of life care by: advocating for its members, patients, families and the end-of-life care giving community; providing education and enhancing awareness.”





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